Random acts of kindness

Recently, I’ve been thinking alot about karma. My fiancé (still feels weird saying that!) is a huge believer in karma and that good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people.

Inspired by his thinking, and also to make my days that little bit brighter, I’ve started to do random acts of kindness for strangers and people that I know too. Some of the things that I have done include leaving a pound in the trolley at Tescos, writing a really good review of a bar I visited recently remembering to mention and thank all of the lovely members of staff by name, letting cars out of busy junctions, complimenting people and meaning it, speaking to customer services about a helpful member of staff in a shop; and leaving a £1 coin in a parking meter change slot. I’m trying to do at least one extra good deed a day.

In turn, I feel that I am collecting good karma points as unexpected good things are now happening to me. For example, in Costa coffee, I got THREE marshmallows instead of the usual two.

Now, its all well and good to think that perhaps my free marshmallow was just a coincidence but it is nice to believe that it is down to good ol’ karma working its magic.

It’s making me feel happier knowing that I may have made someone’s day a little bit brighter and I do feel we need to be kinder to one another in this world.

Spread the love! What random act of kindness might you do?

dollydrops x



This girl can!

Last Monday, I went to a ‘Back to Netball’ club designed for people who, like me, might not have played Netball for many years and are looking to get back into it.

I was quite anxious about going, even though I was going with a few of my friends who are already part of the club. What if I’m rubbish? What if everyone is horrible? What if I can’t remember the rules? So many ‘what ifs’ were running through my head.

I got there and can honestly say I was instantly calmed. Everyone was so lovely and it was excellent to get back into it. I really enjoyed playing and being part of a team and it was so much fun! It was my best night out all week! I didn’t feel like I was even doing exercise (but I was trés sore the next day!)

I’m really loving the #thisgirlcan campaign getting ladies from all walks of life, ages and levels and fitness to feel confident and powerful and get involved in exercising.

Sometimes, people don’t exercise because of fear of what people might say or think or how they might look. If you have been thinking of joining a new club, give it a go! You’re going to be great!

I can’t wait for my next ‘Back to Netball’ session tomorrow and it is the perfect way to start my weekend!

Keep smiling!

dollydrops x



My Weekly Loves

I’ve not written a post like this before but there’s no harm in trying now. I hope you are all having a lovely day. Here are a few of my favourite things from this week!

House of cards. The boy and I often find it hard to find something that we both like to watch on telly. Usually its a compromise – I choose a programme, he chooses one. We had a little google of the most recommended series and house of cards popped up. My brother recommended this too so we gave it a go. So far, so good. We are really enjoying it and I love the way it is shot.


Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum. Well this stuff is such a treat to use. It smells AMAZING and makes my skin feel lovely. The product is designed for #quarterlifecrisis skin and uses Tanya Burr to endorse it. If it’s good enough for Tanya, it’s good enough for me. It is designd to blur imperfections and get the glow back in your skin. Give it a go!


The Three Wise Monkeys Pub, Colchester. At the weekend, I went back to my old university town to have a wander and see how things had changed. By recommemdation from a fellow University of Essex alumnus, I gave this new little pub a try. It has only been open since last December and its ethos is all about good locally sourced food and a wide range of alcohol. You can get a rack of four 1/3 pints for £6 so that you can have a little taste of a few of the beers and ales on tap. The food was some of the best I’ve had. I went for chicken wings, sweet potato fries and home slaw. Delish! We had to wait for a table as it was soooo busy but it was so worth it. I can’t wait to go back!


Gap shorts. I’ve been on the search for some shorts that are not up my bum and are comfy and flattering to wear. My prayers were answered in Gap. I treated myself to a floral pair and a polka dot pair. They are so comfy and quite dressy too. I can’t wait to wear them in Mexico in May! I think they’ll look good dressed up with a pair of wedges or dressed down with a simple t shirt.


Mac blush. This is just so sparkly! I really adore this as it acts as a blush AND a cheek highlighter and is so subtle on. It is a mineralize blush is shade ‘Please me’. A beaut of a blusher!


What are your weekly loves?

dollydrops x

The measure of a good friend…

Last night on the way home from the Comedy Club, the boy and I had a chat about friends.

He said that he measured his true friends by those who he could call at 3am and say he needed picking up 200 miles away and they’d be there with no questions asked. 


This got me thinking about my friendships. I agreed with the boy about the fact a true friend would hypothetically be one of those who would pick you up at 3am.

Realistically, I (hopefully!) won’t have to call anyone to pick me up at 3am, 200 miles away from home. But it’s nice to know that I have friends I can call on.

What else measures a good friend?

Those that would never judge you. CHECK.

Those that stand up for you even though they might not agree with what you are saying or doing. CHECK.

Those that can honestly tell you when you’re being an idiot. CHECK.

Those who tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. CHECK.

It’s not about how many friendships that you have, but the quality of those friendships. I’m feeling quite blessed.


Who could you call on at 3am?

dollydrops x


I’m feeling blue.

Sometimes, I do feel a little blue. It’s not something I often talk about because who cares? If it’s not all sweetness and light, often people switch off or feel awkward.

I am so very fortunate in my life. I am surrounded by family, friends and a lovely boyfriend. I have the job that I always wanted. I am in good health. Those that surround me are in good health. I know that I am incredibly lucky. But, still I’m feeling blue.

I deal with days of this blue feeling. And I can’t quite put my finger on why I feel this way.

When there is nothing wrong in your life, yet you still feel blue, people sometimes find it hard to understand.

I am quite an anxious person and I get stressed quite easily. When I am feeling blue, my anxious feelings and stress levels tend heighten.

To help my blueness turn into brightness, it is important that I take some time for me. This may be having a little nap, having a bath with a bath bomb (Karma by Lush is a good’en), talking to my mumma, reading or putting cosy clothes on.

Remember to always be kind to others, as you don’t know what battles they may be fighting.

I hope your Sunday has been bright and not blue,

dollydrops x



Who run the world…


Happy International Women’s Day! I have really enjoyed how much coverage this day has been getting all over social media today. I am proud to be a woman.


Here are five reasons (there are hundreds more!) why it is great to be a woman:

1. Givers of life. This reminds me of one of my favourite lyrics from a King Blues song. “Don’t you dare tell women what they can and and can’t do when it is a woman who gave life to you”.

2. Girlfriends. Life for me would be a bit pants if I didn’t have my friends to share good days with, and bad ones too. I know men have friends too, but girlfriends are waaaay better. Also, who would I talk to when I’m peeing.

3. Loo friends. On the subject of toilets, it is socially acceptable for women to take a friend to chat to whilst in the loo. Men would probably get some funny looks…

4. Lipstick. We can wear lipstick with no judgement. Red lipstick brightens my mood on a sad day and makes me feel confident. Instant game changer.

5. Cocktails. The more umbrellas, the better! Us girls get away with drinking the most flamboyant of drinks whereas men would most likely be subjected to a few laughs from their mates.

Here’s to us, ladies! Happy International Women’s Day! Stay fabulous!

dollydrops x


Do more of what makes you happy!


What would make you happy right now? Like really happy. Okay. Now do it!

Currently, I am sitting in my new pjs (ta very much Rachel S!) snuggling with a blanket and a cat (I own her, honest!) with my Sunday night Origins GinZing face mask slathered over my happy little head. Bliss to me but boring to some. I don’t care. I’m happy.

Last night, I went out and caught up with some of my friends and got suitably tipsy in tha pub (too old for the club, darling). Then, I went home and ate crumpets with my very own lovely bit of crumpet…I was happy.

Two very different nights for two very different moods.

I am a self-confessed people pleaser. I cannot stand letting people down or making people unhappy or disappointed. I get severe cases of FOMO (fear of missing out) if I cannot or don’t fancy a night out.

However, these days, I’m on a selfish mission to put myself first and I would love you all to have a go at doing the same. I would love to be able to say I’m a ‘yes-girl’ but sometimes it’s okay to say no and not feel guilty about it. With my new mission, I’ve found that my guilt and FOMO feelings are gradually lessening too.

This doing what makes me happy mission is spreading to other parts of my life too. I could’ve spent my Sunday afternoon doing work but I said a stern ‘NO!’ to the inner goodie two shoes and decided to treat my sister to a manicure and make cocktails for Sunday lunch with my family. A Sunday afternoon well spent, I feel. I’ll have to catch up with the work tomorrow, but that’s okay because I wanted to spend today doing what I wanted.


That lovely sister of mine looking very happy and naughty Violet trying (& failing) to steal some of the cocktail!

It’s a new philosophy I’m trying to live by. It’s making me happier by the day and I think it just might make you happy too…

Join Team Happy!

dollydrops x


I don’t smoke. I don’t do drugs. I drink socially, but I can take it or leave it. My addiction comes in another form.



My lipstick collection!

I have my sister to thank for this obsession and especially for my penchant for a Mac lippy.

It all started with the Dame Edna collection Mac lipstick from 2008.


The sparkly packaging. The diamantés on the lipstick case. The beautiful coral  colour. I wanted it. I needed it. But my sister was the one who had it. It was sold out everywhere. Luckily for me, my sister was a sharer so I was allowed to wear it a few times!

I used to love popping into Mac in Colchester and perusing all the lovely shades. The first lipstick I bought was Cockney which I would describe as a subtle, shimmery red which glides on so easily.


Cockney by Mac

I was thinking of what my favourite lipstick of all time is and it is so hard to choose just one. So I’ve chosen three to talk about…

1. Lady Danger by Mac. This is my fail-safe go to lipstick. It goes with pretty much anything and makes you feel lovely and important. I would describe it as a punchy, bright, matte red. I’ve worn this for work, dates and nights out with the girls. It has definitely earned its stripes to be my fave!


Lady Danger by Mac

2. Hue by Mac. Ahhh this lipstick was first bought as a little graduation present from my sister and it is a beautiful, sophisticated, nudeish tone. Like your lips, but better! I usually wear this during the day or if I have chosen my eyes as the feature of my make up.


Hue by Mac

3. Bohème by Chanel Rouge Coco Shine. I bought this lipstick in Iceland airport at the beginning of the year and it is my new found love. A glossy, classic red to add to my growing collection! It stays on a really long time and keeps my lips feeling hydrated all day (& all night).


Bohème by Chanel Rouge Coco Shine

Do you have a favourite lipstick?

dollydrops x

We broke up…

Hello all! I was going to start my blog with a little post welcoming you to my online haven with an air of positivity, sweetness and light…but I have since decided that more pressing issues should be written about first (namely Topshop and I) and I can tell you boring things about me (or maybe you might like to ask me?) later.

Topshop. You’ve upset me. I can’t do this anymore. It’s not me, it’s you. You’ve changed.

Perhaps it’s those fateful Arctic Monkeys lyrics from years ago that’ve finally gone to your head “You’re a Topshop princess, a rock star too” or maybe it’s the fact that you now hold the likes of Beyoncé and Cara in your circle or friends. Whatever it is, one is not amused.

I remember spending a large proportion of my student funds in Topshop back in the day, but now I couldn’t wear your clothes if I wanted to (technically, not true but I’m cross and making a point!)

On a recent jaunt to my Lakeside Topshop, I went on a mission to find a top Zoella had vlogged about in her last post. I needed it. If I had this top, I knew I would basically turn into Zoella in an instant. I asked the sales assistant to point me in the direction of the little beauty of a top. Excellent. They stocked the style. Half the battle won. I will actually be able to try the top on, rather than ordering online and guessing what it might actually look like in the flesh and on my flesh. 

A huge rack of the little white tops greeted me. Now to find my size.
Lots of size 4’s, 6’s, 8’s and a handful on 10’s. A size 12. Oh, wait. What? None.

Hmph. Fine Topshop I’ll go for black. Second option and definitely (maybe?) more versatile. Oh nothing above a size 10 available in black either?


Navy? Nope.

Teal? Nu uh sista.

Rust? Na dah.

My zoella top or lack thereof had really got my goat. So I went on a tirade. I looked at other clothing items to see if there were any sizes above a size 10 stocked. They were as rare as a good steak.

I then went to the jeans section. This cheered me up somewhat. I picked up a pair of jeans and held them against me. The waist of the size 4 jeans was the same size as the waist of my nephew Arthur. He is 4 years old.

Topshop, what is this madness please? I used to adore your clothes but perhaps I don’t fit the criteria to be your clientele anymore.

I went away empty handed but at least I know where I can get Arth his next pair of jeans…

dollydrops x